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The story of HiFi DJ

In my own words . . .

How did you get into DJ'ing?

March 22, 2020

You could trace my DJ career back to the year 2000. I was the mixtape CD connection at my middle and high school.

I always had a great love for music and stereo equipment. Like any teenager I was obsessed with popular music. We're talking about the days of Napster and Limewire. The mixtapes launched everything for me.

My generous parents gave me access to a really decent computer. And it had a CD burner! I must have burned 2000+ CD's in my lifetime. Since day one I have treated my mp3 acquisitions like a collection. And customer requests list became the map for that collection.

I maybe should have been spending more time on my school work. Every night I was filling orders. People would give me a note in class with 15 tracks and 3 alternates. And within 2 days they got their very own custom mix CD.

Suddenly it seemed like I had all the popular music, and all the kids coming me for fresh CDs. And then, sometime in 10th grade, it happened. A really sweet cheerleader named Amy asked me to bring my stereo and be the DJ at her birthday. And the rest, they say, is history . . . 

Fast Forward

May 11, 2020

I moved to Lexington, Kentucky in 2011. For a period of time, maybe a year or so, I thought my DJ days were behind me. It wasn’t really sad, just a new place and time in my life. I didn’t know anyone. My nights as a house party / college DJ seemed to be long gone after graduating and moving away from university.

I was lucky to make a few friends soon after getting my first job in Kentucky. It wasn’t long before I was making playlists, tweaking sound systems, and making connections. I even found a new friend who enjoyed creating electronic music. Looking back now it was all coming together. I just didn’t realize it.

Before DJ became a career, I always kept a job. I still do. It’s just good business sense. Strive, survive and thrive. You have to put food on the table. Years ago, it was just day jobs that pay the bills. I’m not knocking it! I’m promoting it. Now my job is more aligned with my career. My contractor firm owns my DJ business.

Anyway, I had been working temp jobs for about 2 years or so, and I came across a job posting on craigslist – Need DJ with experience. After a couple interviews I was hired. It was essentially an entry level job with an established local company. They provided the gigs and equipment. I was off and running with a brand new DJ career in Kentucky.

In 4 years with that company I worked almost 200 private events. While that was going on, I got hired by a local karaoke bar. You can still see me there weekly at Survivors Karaoke Bar in Lexington.

In 2016 I moved on from the other DJ company to start HiFi DJ. And the story continues . . .

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